5 reasons why you need DRaaS

The importance of DRaaS today

Keeping your business running, whatever the circumstances, is one of the most crucial things you will ever do. With 79% of organisations activating a disaster recovery response within the past 12 months (Zerto), it’s more important than ever to have a contingency plan in place. DRaaS cloud datacentre manager

We hope that your organisation never experiences severe disruption to your services. Yet whether it’s a pandemic, natural disaster, or even human error, the team here at Covenco wants to make sure you have the solutions in place to return to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible should you unfortunately find your organisation in a disaster situation. Whatever the reason for the disruption, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will help you to achieve this, and here are 5 reasons why we believe you should consider DRaaS …

  1. Data lies at the heart of everything your business does

    Regardless of the size of your organisation, without DRaaS in place, you put your business at a high risk of data and financial loss. For some organisations this can pose an insurmountable challenge that can even lead to business failure. Yet with solutions such as mobile recovery and offsite or cloud backups, the impact of such an incident can be greatly reduced.

  2. No IT solution is immune to failure

    Although modern-day IT hardware is robust, no IT solution is immune to failure. DRaaS will put in place measures to help ensure that a single point of failure within your IT infrastructure does not interrupt the services expected by your customers. Preventative measures can include simple data backup right through to more comprehensive solutions such as outsourcing your IT infrastructure to an experienced Disaster Recovery as a Service provider.

  3. Don’t overlook human error

    Perhaps one of the most common – and yet often overlooked – causes of business disruption; mistakes brought about by human error – such as accidentally saving over a document or entering data incorrectly – can often prove the most difficult to prevent. Processes and quality assurance can help reduce the likelihood of these errors, however, including incremental online data backups as part of your Disaster Recovery plan means you have that extra level of security in place should these processes fail.

  4. Disaster recovery planning can also improve compliance and security

    As part of your Disaster Recovery planning you should consider how your sensitive data will remain secure and continue to meet regulations even if your business is disrupted. Suffering a disaster will not excuse a breach in data security. Considering this as part of your DRaaS solution will also ensure your critical business infrastructure can be recovered quickly after an incident.

  5. Why risk unsatisfied customers?

    Your customers expect flawless service and with no DR plan in place, you can’t guarantee your usual customer service standards in the event of a disaster. Especially in the age of social media and an “always on” presence, it’s essential for businesses to provide 24/7 access, 365 days a year. Even in the wake of a disaster. Extended outages can chip away at this trust you’ve spent time and resources working so hard to build. In the worst cases, it can even result in a loss in customer retention when they turn to a competitor who can ensure their data and services are always available. Instead, Covenco can help you put in place High Availability solutions to ensure your systems are durable even in the event of a disaster.

With this in mind, why wouldn’t you consider putting in place affordable Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions from a leading provider with over 20 years’ of experience? Don’t delay putting your Disaster Recovery plan in place today. Contact our friendly team via the form below or call us on 0845 2070 999 to find out how Covenco365 can help you prepare for the above situations and more with our tried and tested DRaaS & BaaS solutions.

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