Why there is still a place for tape backup services

With remote working and cyber attacks on the rise, your data backup strategy must entail more than simply backing up your data to the cloud. At Covenco, our leading backup and recovery specialists advocate the 3-2-1-1 backup methodology:

  • 3 copies of data,
  • across 2 different media types,
  • 1 copy stored offsite,
  • 1 copy stored offline.

Tape backup provides a cost-effective, efficient method for organisations to fulfill the offline element of this criteria, particularly when handling large amounts of data that needs to be retained long-term.

Reliable Offline Storage Keeps Your Data Hidden from the Eyes of Malicious Ransomware Attackers

It’s an unfortunate by-product of the pandemic that many organisations have seen their vulnerabilities exposed in the en-masse move to remote working. Yet you can still retain control and ownership of your data by storing an offline copy through media such as tape. 

Unreachable and undetectable to the prying eyes of cyber attackers, tape backups offer the assurance that even if a ransomware attack detects and deletes your offsite data backup, an offline copy is still available to recover and restore your data so you can resume your services as quickly as possible.  Tape is also generally considered one of the more reliable forms of mediaour experience as a specialist in Disaster Recovery Services over the last 20 years is that tape has proven to be an extremely reliable recovery media and a large proportion of our customers still enjoy the benefits of Tape Backup. 

Cost-Effective Solution to Big Data Storage and LongTerm Data Retention 

There’s no question that tape is the most inexpensive form of data backup for enterprise solutions – particularly when considering long-term data retention and storage of big data. Once recorded, tapes are comparatively low maintenance compared to disk–based backups, which require a constant supply of electricity and more particular environments tape backup

And of course, let’s not forget the cost benefits and added security of having a securely stored, offline backup on hand should your online data be held to ransom. An offline backup, such as tape, can mean the difference between being held to ransom over your data and returning to BAU as soon as possible, resulting in a reduced impact on your finances and ensuring you continue to meet regulatory and compliance procedures.  

Why Choose Covenco’s Tape Out Service?

As data backup and recovery specialists with over 30 years of experience, we’re able to provide a Tape Out Service that works holistically with your data backup strategy, ensuring you have that 3-2-1-1 diversification that engenders a robust backup and recovery plan. We can carry out the tape backups for you in the first instance and continue to provide advice and expertise to ensure that your offline backups meet regulatory and compliance requirements as technology changes and evolves.  

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