Covenco partners with Censornet to provide world-class cybersecurity solutions.

The partnership with Censornet is aimed to provide an autonomous, integrated security platform to Covenco’s customer base and to help make cybersecurity more simple.

Censornet is a UK-based cybersecurity partner that provides mid-sized businesses with enterprise-grade solutions. The world-class cybersecurity Censornet ASE platform provides full-spectrum threat protection for organisations by integrating email and web security, CASB, and MFA. It’s this autonomous integrated security that ensures cyber defences react at lightning speed, day and night.

SMBs are caught in an overwhelming cycle of managing multiple incompatible tools, leaving their security defences vulnerable. The single cloud platform that Censornet offers means that Covenco customers will benefit from a highly flexible solution, with automatic updates to keep on top of the ever-evolving threat landscape It’s time to break the vicious circle and reach for a more unified solution: Integrated Security Platforms.

Covenco’s Sales Director, Gurdip Sohal says:

We find a number of our customers are having to manage and support multiple different security solutions to protect themselves against the vast cyber threats they face.  By partnering with Censornet we aim to offer our Customers a cloud-based centrally managed security platform that can provide email gateway protection alongside web security, MFA, and Cloud Application Security all with a single sign-on reducing complexity and improving security.

Visit our Censornet page to learn more about the solution.

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