Covenco Recovery Services is now Covenco365

A bit of background …

Since 2002, Covenco Recovery Services has come a long way and as we approach 20 years in business, we believe this is the right time for us to show just how significantly we have evolved. Not only in terms of size but also in the depth and breadth of services that we offer.

Technology has evolved over the past 20 years and so have we. Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do has been our strategy, so ensuring we adapt to their changing needs has been key.

So, what drove us to rebrand? 

As a business, our heritage has always been centered around data recovery, but we have a whole lot more to give than the recovery services that were our core offerings in our early years. Although ‘IT Disaster Recovery’ is still very much at the core of our business, it is now augmented with robust and rounded data protection and data management services. We, therefore, want to make it clear who we are in the market and why we do what we do.

For many employees, during the last 20 months, their working environment turned remote and this allowed businesses to continue to function. However, this rapid unplanned transition highlighted that the need for technology has never been greater and that malicious attacks and ransomware can be devastating. It showed just how important our all-rounded services are in protecting what is most important to business … their data!

We believe businesses need to feel safe and ensure they partner with a reliable service provider who has the integrity of their data at the heart of everything they do. And that is what we do, we make sure your data is well managed, protected, and most importantly ALWAYS AVAILABLE!

As a result, Covenco Recovery Services is now Covenco365.

Why Covenco365?

We think a lot is represented by a company name and as such we believe we stand for so much more than just ‘recovery services’ …

  • We are there for our clients 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Always available – not just us as your partner, but also your data!

The logo itself plays homage to our ever-growing cloud services and our strapline YOUR DATA, ALWAYS AVAILABLE is at the heart of everything Covenco365 stands for.

Don’t worry, our customers will still benefit from the 5* service they have always received, it’s just now we believe we can provide extra value to boost it even more!

I am excited to rebrand Covenco Recovery Services to Covenco365, I hope the new company name and logo convey that we do so much more for our customers now compared to when we launched 20 years ago. Technology has evolved, our customer’s use of it has developed and so have we, but we have been careful to retain that ‘small company’ ethos where every customer matters

Mark Creasey

Covenco Group Director

Covenco365 represents what the team at Covenco has achieved over the last 20 years.  From our humble beginnings as a focused provider of Disaster Recovery services to the broad range of Data Protection, Availability, Security, and Infrastructure Support services we offer today.  It’s been an amazing journey creating long-standing relationships with our Customers, Vendors, and Suppliers, and one which continues to go from strength to strength.  Our objective is to continue delivering more value to our customers making it easier for them to consolidate their Data Protection and Management strategies.

Gurdip Sohal

Covenco365, Sales Director