IBM POWER8 – Important lifecycle information!

Although somewhat hard to believe, it’s been around 7 years since IBM first started shipping its POWER8 range of Servers.

Following their withdrawal from sale in more recent years, due to the introduction of the  POWER9 models, IBM has today announced that as of January 2022, it intends to withdraw from marketing the option of MES upgrades to its IBM POWER8 Servers. Marking a close to another chapter in the POWER8 lifecycle.

MES (or ‘Miscellaneous Equipment Specification’) upgrades are any server hardware changes, that do not result in a Serial Number change.  Therefore, after this time any Processor/Memory/Disk/Adapter upgrades will be unavailable through the official IBM Distribution channel.

With that in mind, any client who wishes to increase system performance/add functionality can do so prior to the withdrawal date.  We are happy to discuss options around upgrades/replacements with a view to assisting with any projects prior to the deadline.

Of course, once the option of buying these parts New via IBM has been cut Covenco will still be able to assist with the supply of 2nd user upgrades via its traditional Brokerage channels.

If you would like to hear more details of the announcement, they can be found here

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