IBM Safeguarded Copy – Enhance your Cyber Resilience

In today’s IT environments, the constant threat of malware and ransomware requires that businesses must be prepared with offline copies of data, beyond the reach of the attack. Recovering an offline copy can take hours, maybe days and it could be hours out of date, dependent on your policies. This article looks at how IBM Safeguarded Copy can help enhance your cyber resilience and protect against ransomware.

IBM Safeguarded Copy

With IBM Safeguarded copy on the Storewize/FlashSystem products, customers can keep regular copies, on tier-one storage, protected from accidental or malicious corruption. Consequently, they provide IBM V7000, V5000, FlashSystem, and SVC environments with a safe copy readily and quickly recoverable on their Tier1 storage. Thus, saving time and protecting your business from this growing concern. IBM Servers and Systems

If combined with the QRadar threat detection solution, QRadar can be configured to invoke SGC at the 1st sign of an intrusion, providing the most up-to-date ‘safe’ copy possible.

Safeguarded Copy is included FOC on the latest Storewize base code – which of course is excellent news for existing customers.

Things to consider

  1. Not all Storewize products will be able to upgrade to code levels that support SGC.
  2. There may be some software prereqs to schedule and manage the copies, not included in your bundle.
  3. You will need to be mindful of the additional data space and the additional IO requirements – even though these are space-efficient copies.

Covenco believes all clients should endeavor to utilise this excellent protection as soon as possible. We will be glad to discuss your environment and provide advice, so get in touch today!

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