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When a client needs hardware quickly …

Our client is based in Leeds within the manufacturing industry, specialising in the manufacture of gas path components. Primarily focussed on rotating blades and stationary nozzle guide vanes for the aerospace and industrial gas turbine industries.

In-stock when you need it…

The client is a long-standing customer of ours and runs a historical IBM iSystem, which is used for archive purposes. They suffered a console failure on an IBM 5250 device which in turn meant that they had no access to archive records, therefore needed replacement hardware quickly.

We were able to provide an IBM 3488 info window to replace the failed console and in turn provided services to install the new console, and set up access to the system to enable the customer staff to access the archive.

Getting you back on track…

As a seller of used and refurbished IT hardware, we had the item they required in stock and along with our specialist services, we were able to get the problem resolved within 24 hours.

Over 25 years later, we still have IBM at the core of our business, but we do so much more now – other brands, services, and software – before you consider our sister companies and their specialties.

Covenco has always strived to provide good value without compromise, and it remains a common goal for all our group companies.

If you have any hardware needs, think Covenco! Get in touch today!

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