Pattern Recognition as a tool in the fight against ransomware

Pattern recognition in IBM storage

Pattern Recognition: A gamechanger in ransomware detection, from IBM

Pattern recognition is a revolutionary concept that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyse vast datasets. It identifies recurring patterns or anomalies, making it particularly effective for detecting the encryption patterns prevalent within ransomware attacks.

When applied to IBM FlashSystem storage, this technology scans for telltale signs of ransomware encryption processes, such as abrupt and widespread file encryption, file extension modifications, and changes in file headers.

IBM’s pattern recognition technology stands out for its adaptability. Unlike traditional signature-based methods that rely on known attack signatures, pattern recognition can identify previously unseen ransomware variants, providing early warning and proactive protection.

The Ongoing Ransomware Threat
Ransomware attacks continue to be a menacing force, jeopardising organisations of all sizes. These insidious attacks entail cybercriminals encrypting an organisation’s data and extorting a ransom, often leaving behind a trail of financial, operational, and reputational devastation.

The Imperative for Advanced Detection
Traditional security measures are often ill-equipped to contend with the rapid mutation of ransomware variants, necessitating innovative approaches to detection.

IBM’s Breakthrough: Pattern Recognition
IBM’s pattern recognition technology emerges as a proactive response to this pressing challenge, offering a means to identify ransomware encryption within storage systems. IBM’s pattern recognition thrives on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, perpetually learning from data and adapting to novel patterns and behaviours – a necessity in combating ever-evolving ransomware.

Covenco and IBM are joining forces to offer a comprehensive assessment to determine if your storage systems have Pattern Recognition capabilities and what it will take to enable the feature.

The Covenco Readiness Assessment

Scrutinizing Hardware and Software Infrastructures
Covenco offers a readiness assessment service that evaluates your organisation’s hardware and software configurations to gauge your preparedness for implementing IBM’s pattern recognition solution. Based on the assessment, Covenco provides customised recommendations for adjustments or upgrades required to leverage IBM’s pattern recognition capabilities fully.

The readiness assessment service is cost-effective, starting from £500, and typically takes no more than half a day to complete.

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How IBM Pattern Recognition Operates

In-Depth Data Inspection and Analysis
IBM’s pattern recognition solution scans data repositories hosted on IBM storage systems, meticulously examining file attributes, access patterns, and behavioural data.

Identifying Ransomware Indicators
The technology uniquely identifies ransomware-associated indicators, including the swift, far-reaching encryption of files – a hallmark of ransomware activity. This capacity distinguishes ransomware activities from normal data access behaviours.

Navigating the Ransomware Landscape
IBM’s pattern recognition offers a distinct advantage by adapting to emerging ransomware variants. Unlike conventional signature-based methods relying on known ransomware signatures, it detects previously unseen variants by identifying innovative patterns and behaviours, enabling early warnings even without recognized signatures.

Benefits of IBM Pattern Recognition

Early-Stage Ransomware Detection
Foremost among its advantages is the technology’s aptitude for detecting ransomware activities in their nascent stages. Timely identification empowers organisations to stop the damage proactively.

Adaptability and Future-Proofing
Pattern recognition’s adaptability safeguards organisations against new and evolving ransomware threats. This resilience is indispensable in the dynamic threat landscape.

Mitigating False Positives
IBM’s pattern recognition technology minimises false positive alerts, channelling security resources toward legitimate threats rather than inundating teams with erroneous notifications.

Implementation and Integration

Integration with IBM Storage Systems
IBM’s pattern recognition solution is designed for seamless integration with existing IBM storage infrastructures, ensuring a smooth and effective deployment when implemented by Covenco’s storage technicians.

Requisite System Parameters
Successful implementation may necessitate specific hardware and software requisites, which organisations must be prepared to fulfil. Covenco is on hand to run a thorough readiness assessment on existing IBM storage systems to determine the suitability and updates needed to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Tackling Integration Hurdles
Addressing potential integration challenges is imperative to implement pattern recognition into an organisation’s storage environment effectively. Covenco’s team of storage and data protection technicians will help uncover any requirements for successfully implementing this technology.

Operational Considerations

Uninterrupted Monitoring and Alerting
Once deployed, pattern recognition technology monitors data access patterns, issuing alerts when potential ransomware activities surface.

Automated Response Framework
Automated responses can be triggered to identify ransomware activities, including isolating affected files or temporarily suspending data access to halt further encryption.

Containment and Data Recovery Protocols
In the unfortunate event of a confirmed ransomware attack, organizations can leverage backup and recovery functions to restore compromised data from a clean, immutable state.

Covenco’s Role in Elevating Data Storage Security

The Covenco-IBM Partnership
As a trusted IBM Gold Partner, Covenco plays an instrumental role in assisting organisations in integrating and managing IBM’s pattern recognition solutions.

Flawless Integration and Deployment
Covenco’s skilled technicians seamlessly integrate pattern recognition technology into existing storage infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and effective deployment.

Ongoing Surveillance and Administration
Covenco provides continuous monitoring and management of IT systems, maintaining round-the-clock vigilance to detect irregularities and potential threats.

Covenco’s Readiness Assessment: Ensuring Maximum Security
Covenco, an IBM Gold Partner, can assist organisations in strengthening their cybersecurity defences by implementing and managing IBM’s pattern recognition solutions. The first step in this journey is a readiness assessment, a service offered by Covenco starting from £500 and requiring no more than half a day. This assessment evaluates your hardware stack, code levels, and deployed Storage Insights to determine if you are ready to take immediate advantage of IBM’s pattern recognition features or need any adjustments.

A Holistic Approach to Data Security: Beyond Detection
Covenco’s expertise extends beyond ransomware detection, encompassing rapid response and recovery. In the event of suspected ransomware activity, Covenco’s storage monitoring solutions can trigger automated responses, such as isolating affected files or temporarily suspending data access to thwart further encryption. Moreover, customers can utilize backup and recovery functions to restore compromised data from a clean, immutable state, minimizing the impact of a successful ransomware attack.

Why Choose Covenco?
Covenco’s partnership with IBM offers customers a dynamic and comprehensive approach to data security. As a trusted IBM Gold Partner, Covenco’s technicians can seamlessly integrate IBM’s pattern recognition technology into your existing storage infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and effective deployment.

But Covenco’s commitment doesn’t stop at implementation. The company provides ongoing monitoring and management of IT systems, maintaining round-the-clock vigilance to detect irregularities and potential threats. By combining IBM’s pattern recognition solution with Covenco’s managed services, organizations can rest assured that their data remains protected against evolving ransomware threats and other security challenges.

Furthermore, Covenco’s personalised approach extends to incident response and recovery. In the unfortunate event of a breach, Covenco’s experts are equipped to mitigate the impact swiftly, guiding customers through recovery processes and minimizing downtime. This comprehensive support ensures organisations can bounce back from security incidents with minimal disruption.

Safeguarding The Future of Your Data
In an era where data is more valuable than ever, the security of that data is non-negotiable. In collaboration with Covenco, IBM is at the forefront of data security innovation, offering a comprehensive readiness assessment and pattern recognition technology to protect your organization from ransomware and other cyber threats.

By partnering with Covenco, you’re embracing cutting-edge IBM technologies and gaining access to a team of experts dedicated to safeguarding the future of your data. Don’t wait until the next ransomware attack occurs – take proactive steps to protect your organisation today.

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