BaaS, DRaaS or Both?

This blog looks at two solutions that can help your organisation stay protected and they are BaaS and DraaS.

We frequently go back to one question: “What do we want from our cloud service provider?” The answers are different: “I’m out of space in my data centre,” “I want cheap storage,” “I want complete disaster recovery,” “I want to get data off-site but don’t have a second site myself,” and more.

One of the great flexible aspects of cloud and service provider technologies is that they are not a singular use case; there is a technology available for nearly any requirement.

When it comes to how specifically Veeam can help your organisation, there are two approaches that revolve around having Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

BaaS: Cloud Backup

The BaaS approach is generally a fully managed backup infrastructure through a Managed Service Provider – like Covenco. You can get a cloud repository as a service, where backup storage is off-site, through Veeam Cloud Connect.

The important thing to note is that the cloud repository is part of the on-premises Veeam Availability Suite. This means you can take a backup on-premise, then make additional copies of that backup in the cloud repository with a backup copy job so you can easily have your data off-site. data backup server room

The difference from many other solutions on the market is that compute and storage are working together. This allows you to have an advanced data transfer for unique blocks only, and any transformations of synthetic full backups are done locally in the Cloud Repository. These compute and storage resources are provided by the service provider, in this case, Covenco.

Once you add Covenco, the cloud repository will show up alongside the other storage resources you have on-premises. Veeam Cloud Connect will extend your Veeam installation and backup infrastructure to Covenco, so that you will have your cloud repository right alongside your storage resources on-premises.

The benefit here is that you have an off-site repository as a service; which can be a benefit if the word “cloud” is forbidden in your technology circles!

DRaaS: Disaster Recovery with Veeam

The other side of the discussion is around having workloads ready to run off-site, and DRaaS with Veeam was introduced with Veeam Availability Suite v9.

Organisations choose a DRaaS solution because:

  • There is no need to make a second site for Disaster Recovery
  • They do not have to make or purchase the virtual infrastructure for Disaster Recovery off-site
  • They can run VMs off-site, which is a powerful recovery option
  • There is a partial fail-over capability which is useful when only parts of an environment suffer from an outage.

Cloud-based disaster recovery with Veeam is an effective way to achieve DRaaS. The key concept is a cloud host. It is a generic VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V set of compute and storage resources ready to receive your replicated workloads. So, you can take backups on-premises and then create replicas off-site in Covenco’s infrastructure.

Much like the previous example, Covenco will provide abstracted resources that allow Veeam to replicate it. This target for the replicated virtual machine is a great way to have complete off-site Availability to run the workloads when needed.

Which is Better: DRaaS or BaaS?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to leveraging the cloud to get the best levels of availability. This takes us back to the question: “What are you wanting to accomplish with a cloud or Service Provider technology?”

Whatever you are looking to achieve, Veeam provides you with a wide range of resources of solutions that can help you solve your backup and Disaster Recovery needs. Whether you are looking to get the off-site element of the 3-2-1 Rule in place or a more complete business continuity and disaster recovery offering, Veeam has cloud options to give you the availability experience you are searching for.

Learn about 5 reasons why you need DRaaS or get in touch with the Covenco team for more information at 0845 2070 999, or via the form below.

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