COVID19 – IT Professionals Biggest Challenge Yet?

With organisations such as Google and Twitter introducing home working on a long-term or even permanent basis, now is not the time to let your cyber security strategy fall to the wayside. Nearly a quarter (23%) ofRemote worker cyber security IT professionals have reported an increase in cyber security incidents after making the move to remote working.1 This is at least partly compounded by the lack of resources available to IT professionals reported by 15% of specialists, leaving them struggling to support remote working across their organisation.2 For many IT departments, the impact of Coronavirus on the workplace environment and the resulting ongoing strain on IT security, systems, and resources, will have been their biggest challenge yet.

Over 1000 Sensitive Files are Accessible to All Employees

The need for cyber security to be on the agenda of organisations looking to support remote working on an ongoing basis is an easy one to justify. Over half of organisations have reported that over 1000 sensitive files are accessible to all employees.3 However, cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions such as Backup & Recovery for Microsoft Office 365 enable IT professionals to take back control of their data. Whether data becomes compromised through user error or more malicious means, Veeam Backup for O365 puts the control back in your hands so you can be confident that even sensitive data remains hyper-available and secure.

Exposed RDP Endpoints Have Risen by 127%

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has also reported a 127% rise in exposed RDP endpoints, increasing the potential for unsecured IT systems to become vulnerable to malicious attacks.4 After months of working from home and with cyber security fatigue setting in, it’s up to IT managers to identify and educate the reality of cyber threats and implement the best solutions to protect endpoints. Such solutions include Sophos’ Intercept X, which provides the world’s best endpoint protection against cyber threats: from malware and ransomware to exploits and viruses. Rated the #1 endpoint protection by the likes of Gartner and Forrester, Intercept X uses powerful querying and remote response capabilities to detect and prevent threats.

Give Your IT Resources a Boost

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