How to Survive the Rise of Ransomware

Recent weeks have demonstrated that the rise of ransomware is real and attacks are growing in frequency, sophistication, and scale. With global organisations the likes of Garmin now succumbing to multi-million dollar ransoms after falling victim to cyber-attacks, it’s no longer enough to simply sit back and hope that the law of averages works in your favour. Luckily, our cyber defence experts are on hand to highlight just some of the precautions you can put in place to bolster your cyber defences and make it as difficult as possible for ransomware attackers to penetrate your systems.

Stop threats from developing into attacks

Your first line of defence against ransomware needs to be able to recognise early indicators of malicious behaviour on your systems before it has time to develop into anything more serious. The Darktrace Antigena Email solution, for instance, learns the “normal patterns of life” specific to your organisation in order to act on outliers. By using contextual knowledge (instead of historical) to recognise threats to your inbox, the world’s first Cyber AI solution for inboxes stops threats before they can develop into a more malicious attack.

Backup your data often and securely

However robust your cyber defences, you should still plan for the worst. In the event that a ransomware attack does breach your systems, you can ensure that you give the attackers less leverage by carrying out regular cloud backups. In fact, doing so can free up time and resource through largely automated processes, so you can spend more time and effort on other areas of your department. Veeam Backup and Replication is the #1 backup and recovery solution across any cloud, platform, or workload. If you do end up in an unfortunate situation in which your data is compromised, you can easily retrieve your latest cloud backup from a single management console, so you can minimise downtime, act without having to be held to ransom, and mitigate the impact of an attack on your organisation.

Replicate your data away from the reach of cyber attacks

Still, perhaps the most-effective protection against ransomware attacks is to follow the 3-2-1-1 backup methodology, ensuring that at least 1 copy of your data is stored on offline, offsite media. Tape backup is an ideal example of this, offering a secure, offsite solution and creating a backup of your data that is hidden from the prying eyes of ransomware attackers (as well as providing a cheap solution for the retention of long-term data). What’s more, with the help of Covenco we can make the process of offline backup seamless and advise you on an ongoing basis on the most suitable technology for your needs.

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