Streamline Your Data Storage with Covenco’s IBM FlashSystem Evaluation and Migration Offer – and get 15% off!

Data management plays an increasingly crucial role in the success of every organisation. Efficiently storing, accessing, and protecting valuable data is essential for staying competitive. That’s why Covenco is excited to offer a unique IBM FlashSystem Evaluation and Migration Assessment, to demonstrate your own data working on the latest FlashSystem architecture. With our expertise in data storage infrastructure and the advanced capabilities of IBM FlashSystem, we can clearly demonstrate a return on investment based on lower energy consumption, smaller footprint, native data security, and blisteringly fast performance.

Understanding IBM FlashSystem

IBM FlashSystem is a family of state-of-the-art, all-flash storage solutions designed to deliver superior performance, scalability, and reliability. By harnessing the power of flash memory technology, IBM FlashSystem offers the agility and responsiveness needed for data-intensive workloads. It incorporates innovative features like inline data compression, deduplication, and data tiering to optimize storage efficiency and reduce costs, making it an ideal choice for organizations that need to get the most out of their storage investment.

Designed to deliver industry-leading performance and cost efficiency, FlashSystem all-flash and hybrid flash arrays simplify hybrid cloud storage and shorten cyberattack recovery time.

The Benefits of IBM FlashSystem Evaluation and Migration Offer

Performance: Migrating to IBM FlashSystem promises a significant performance boost compared to previous-generation storage systems, including other SSD-based storage. The ultra-low latency and high input/output operations per second (IOPS) of FlashSystem accelerate critical applications, ensuring faster data processing and improved productivity across the organization.

Scalability and Flexibility: As your data requirements continue to grow, IBM FlashSystem offers the scalability you need. Its modular architecture allows you to expand storage capacity seamlessly without compromising performance or experiencing downtime. This ensures that your storage infrastructure can scale with your evolving business needs.

Cost Optimisation: IBM FlashSystem helps you optimise costs by reducing your physical storage footprint and energy consumption. Its data reduction techniques, such as compression and deduplication, maximize storage efficiency and minimize the need for additional hardware. This results in significant cost savings by reducing operational expenses and eliminating the need for frequent storage expansions.

Reliability: Protecting your valuable data is of utmost importance. IBM FlashSystem offers advanced data management features, including data redundancy and sophisticated RAID technologies, ensuring data availability and reliability.

Innovative virtualization and container technologies

IBM FlashSystem storage arrays come with IBM Spectrum Virtualize to complement server virtualization with technologies such as PowerVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, and the container technologies Kubernetes and Docker. Like virtualized servers, provisioning FlashSystem 5000 capacity is achieved with software and thin provisioning and is designed to be an almost entirely automated function. Without these technologies, provisioning servers could be slowed by the need to provision storage.

Containers on IBM FlashSystem enable applications to be packaged with everything needed to run identically in any environment. They offer the versatility of virtual machines but at a much smaller footprint and cost. As a result, containerization is a key enabling technology for flexibly delivering workloads to private and public cloud and DevOps.

Using the IBM storage container plug-in framework, FlashSystem arrays can enable any supported storage to be used as persistent storage in Docker and Kubernetes container environments, improving flexibility, simplifying deployment, and lowering costs while offering your organisation the confidence of deploying stateful containers using highly available storage with enterprise capabilities.

Advanced-Data protection within each storage array

IBM FlashSystem can help protect your company’s data and make it more resilient, whether in your data centre, containerised, or hybrid environments. FlashSystem offers increase cyber resiliency with the built-in Cyber Vault framework, which aims to shorten cyberattack recovery time from days to hours. Cyber Vault complements the in-built IBM FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy solution by regularly checking copies for evidence of data corruption caused by malware or ransomware.

Read our blog – Enhance your Cyber Resilience – for more information on IBM Safeguarded Copy and how it can help protect against ransomware.

Covenco’s IBM FlashSystem Evaluation and Migration Offer

Our IBM FlashSystem Evaluation and Migration Offer is tailored to simplify your transition to the latest and most powerful storage solution. Covenco makes storage migration simple.

Here are the key features of our offer:

In-depth Evaluation: Our experts thoroughly evaluate your existing infrastructure and workload requirements to identify the most suitable IBM FlashSystem configuration for your organization. This evaluation ensures that the solution aligns with your specific needs, maximizing its benefits.

Seamless Migration Planning: We collaborate with you to create a tailored migration plan, minimising disruption to your business operations. We carefully assess data migration requirements, downtime constraints, and application dependencies to ensure a smooth transition from your current storage solution to IBM FlashSystem.

Installation and Configuration: Our experienced technicians handle the installation and configuration of IBM FlashSystem, ensuring that it is seamlessly integrated into your existing IT environment. We ensure optimal performance and minimal disruption during the implementation process.

Post-Migration Support: We provide ongoing support after the migration, ensuring that your organisation maximises the benefits of IBM FlashSystem. Our team helps with troubleshooting, performance optimisation, and responding to any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a seamless post-migration experience.

Get hands-on with IBM FlashSystem. Request your free assessment today.

By Assessing IBM FlashSystem with Covenco’s Evaluation and Migration offer can set you on the path to revolutionizing your organization’s data storage capabilities.

More reasons to talk to Covenco about IBM FlashSystem:

High availability guarantee

Take advantage of the proven 99.9999% availability, with an optional 100% guarantee when using Hyperswap.

Data reduction guarantee

3:1 self-certified (up to 5:1 with workload profiling).

All-inclusive licensing

All storage functions are included in the licensing cost for internal storage.

Storage Expert Care

Simplified service and support to best fit your needs with predictable and upfront pricing.

Cloud analytics

IBM Storage Insights is included at no extra cost so you can proactively manage your environment.

Flash endurance guarantee

Flash media is covered for all workloads while under warranty or maintenance.

IBM Flash momentum

Refresh your controller and storage every 3 years with full flexibility.

Consumption-based models

Optionally available consumption pricing models: IBM Storage as a Service or IBM Storage Utility

No cost migration

90-day, no-cost data migration from over 500 IBM and non-IBM storage controllers.

15% price reduction
Right now, IBM is lowering the cost of all IBM FlashSystem array standard configurations and associated software until the 30th of June. Plus, Covenco customers can get 2-day fulfillment with standard configurations.

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