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A Ragnor Locker Ransomware Attack

A Rude Awakening
This case study details the harrowing experience of a major medical equipment manufacturer in the UK who fell victim to a ransomware attack in August 2023. It highlights the importance of robust backup solutions, rapid response procedures, and thorough post-attack analysis in mitigating the impact of such attacks.

Ransomware attack and recovery case study 2024

Key points covered in this case study:

Attack Summary:
Ragnor Locker ransomware exploited an unknown router vulnerability, encrypted data, and attempted to delete this customer’s backups.


  • Network disruption
  • Data encryption
  • Potential data leak
  • Business downtime
  • Reputation damage.

Mitigation Strategies:

  • Veeam Cloud Connect with Insider Protection Zone saved backups from deletion.
  • Covenco’s disaster recovery solutions provided clean hardware and rapid restoration.
  • Post-attack analysis identified vulnerabilities and prevented future attacks.

Lessons Learned:

  • Patch and update routers regularly.
  • Implement multi-layered security, including endpoint protection.
  • Utilise off-site and offline backup options with immutability.
  • Have a rapid response plan in place, and regularly test it.

This case study is relevant to IT professionals, data security managers, and executives in organisations responsible for sensitive data. It emphasises the need for proactive cybersecurity measures and preparedness for potential ransomware attacks.

This case study provides a valuable learning experience and highlights the critical importance of data protection and preparedness in today’s cybersecurity landscape. With the right tools, procedures, and proactive approach, organizations can significantly reduce the risks and consequences of ransomware attacks.

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