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A Ransomware Recovery Success Story

A Race Against Time: How a Leading UK Automotive Manufacturer Recovered from a Ransomware Attack

In October 2022, a leading UK automotive manufacturer fell victim to a ransomware attack by the notorious Bain Lain cyber group. The attack had the potential to be disastrous, as it could have halted production and caused significant financial losses.

The manufacturer had a ransomware recovery plan, but it quickly became apparent that they would need help implementing it. They contacted Covenco, a data recovery company, for assistance.

UK automotive sector ransomware case study

Covenco’s team of experts arrived on-site within hours of the attack and began working to restore the manufacturer’s data from immutable backups. These backups are stored in a way that makes them tamper-proof, essential for protecting against ransomware attacks.

Covenco restored the manufacturer’s data and got their systems back online within 48 hours. This quick recovery prevented the attack from causing significant damage to the manufacturer’s business.

The case study of this ransomware attack is a cautionary tale for businesses of all sizes. It highlights the importance of having a ransomware recovery plan and working with a reputable data recovery company. Download this case study to read the full story and discover why ignoring a warning call from the National Crime Agency could cost you valuable time and money.

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