Stress Less Cybersecurity for Lean IT Security Teams

Lean IT security teams have plenty to be alarmed about. The most sophisticated, aggressive, and destructive cyber attacks in history have all occurred in recent years, claiming major corporations and government agencies alike as victims. If the most elite security teams in the world can’t stop these attacks, what hope is there for everyone else?

More than you think! Recent history proves that the size of the security team matters less than the strategy it deploys. Having the right tools and tactics are what’s important – not a giant staff or massive budget.

In reality, lean security teams have never been stronger. A new generation of cyber defenses levels the playing field and makes stress-free cybersecurity attainable for any organization.

To understand how drastically things have changed for the better, it helps to compare the constraints of the past with the capabilities of the present. This ebook from our partner Cynet, makes one thing clear: lean security teams ARE NOT at a disadvantage anymore.

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