Accelerating Ransomware Detection and Response

This guide from Covenco and IBM describes how deploying IBM FlashSystem storage and Safeguarded Copy with IBM Security QRadar can enhance your ransomware detection and response capabilities. By combining the capabilities of IBM Safeguarded Copy and IBM QRadar, organisations can develop comprehensive cyber resilience solutions that cover the Protect, Recover, and Detect functions of the NIST framework.

Guide to accelerating ransomware protection


IBM FlashSystem can log all object activity in the access logs that contain all access information from storage objects. Such access logs should be integrated with the SIEM solution to identify and detect potential malicious access and for compliance auditing purposes. By combining IBM FlashSystem access logs, application logs, network or server logs, flow and packet data, and discovering unknown threat vectors using IBM Watson, IBM QRadar can provide 360-degree protection to enterprise data.

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Accelerating Ransomware Detection & Response

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