Six Key Considerations for ITAD security

Understanding Security in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

New methods for data protection are becoming increasingly crucial for business owners. Never more so than when an IT asset reaches the end of its useful life.

Only recently have businesses started to recognise the need to securely remove data from any IT assets when they are collected for disposal. Recent European and US legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has driven this need.

Those responsible for data within an organisation are already aware of a data breach’s financial, legal, and reputational impact. Every organisation that collects, stores and processes data must always secure it, including when it is time to dispose of hardware and data-bearing assets. Assets heading off for re-sale or disposal can be exposed to criminals who want access to your business data. Thankfully, Covenco is on hand to ensure that, at least during the disposition of your IT equipment, those gaps are filled.

ITAD security

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This guide is designed to help you identify data and asset security requirements throughout the ITAD process, including things to look out for, what to ask your ITAD partner about and how to avoid losing control of your data during the ITAD process.

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