The Covenco Guide to ITAD Services


For any organisation within the UK and European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that data-bearing assets that you want to dispose of must go through a fully audited IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) process, with a documented Chain-of-Custody and detailed serialised reporting on asset erasure and destruction to maintain your regulatory compliance.

To meet these requirements, organisations are increasingly turning to specialist ITAD service providers, such as Covenco, to ensure legal compliance through consistent data sanitisation and detailed reporting to reduce risk and provide the necessary evidence to their auditors.

Organisations must ensure that their ITAD partner follows the pre-requisite best practices and standards. This guide demonstrates Covenco’s processes and our commitment to our ISO 27001 and ADISA accreditations.

Covenco’s approach

Covenco is certified ITAD processing to ADISA standard Version 8.0 (approved by the ICO and UKAS). This standard is designed to protect the integrity and security of all data during an end-of-life process and ensure compliance with the GDPR (UK) framework.

Covenco applies a strict set of procedures to maintain compliance with both ADISA and ISO27001 standards.

This guide has been created to provide customers with step-by-step insights into these procedures. It also aims to make it straightforward for customers to follow the guidance and remain in line with the GDPR framework.

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