Maximizing Returns and Sustainability with IT Asset Recovery Services


As organizations continually upgrade their IT infrastructure, they face the challenge of managing their obsolete or surplus equipment. Disposing of these assets and dealing with their data stored responsibly while maximizing their value can be complex. That’s where Covenco’s IT Asset Recovery Services can help.

Understanding IT Asset Recovery Services

IT Asset Recovery Services involve the secure, environmentally friendly, and compliant disposal of used or end-of-life IT equipment, such as servers, networking devices, storage systems, and more. These services aim to maximize the return on investment for organizations by helping them recover residual value from their retired assets.

The Benefits of IT Asset Recovery Services

Financial Returns:
One of the primary advantages of IT Asset Recovery Services is the potential financial return. Rather than discarding or scrapping old equipment, organizations can recover a portion of their original investment by reselling or remarketing these assets. Covenco is a computer broker, and as such we specialise in identifying an accurate market value and facilitating the sale of your IT equipment, enabling you to maximize your returns.

Data Security:
Covenco’s IT Asset Recovery Services also focus on data security. When disposing of retired assets, sensitive data stored on these devices is securely erased and certified, to protect your organisation from potential data breaches. Covenco also offers data destruction services that ensure the complete removal of sensitive information, meeting industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Environmental Responsibility:
With the growing concern for environmental sustainability, Covenco’s IT Asset Recovery Services provide an eco-friendly solution to the remaining parts of your legacy equipment that might have zero recovery value. We use downstream recycling partners that follow strict recycling protocols, ensuring that hazardous materials are safely disposed of while maximizing the reuse and recycling of components. By adopting ITAD practices, your organisation can contribute to reducing electronic waste and minimizing its carbon footprint.


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Key features of Covenco’s IT Asset Recovery Services

Asset Evaluation and Audit:
Our IT Brokers evaluate your IT assets to determine their market value accurately. We conduct detailed audits, ensuring all equipment is accounted for and providing a clear picture of your technology infrastructure.

Secure Data Sanitisation:
To protect your sensitive information, we employ certified data destruction and erasure methods such as advanced data wiping and physical destruction, ensuring that data cannot be recovered.

Resale and Remarketing:
Our extensive computer brokerage network and market knowledge enable us to identify potential buyers and secure the best possible returns for your retired assets. Covenco also buys back computer hardware for refurbishment and resale.

Recovering Your Business IT Assets

Covenco’s IT Asset Recovery Services provide organizations of all sizes with a sustainable and cost-effective solution for managing their retired IT equipment. By partnering with Covenco, businesses can unlock the value in their surplus assets while ensuring data security and environmental responsibility. Embracing ADISA-accredited benefits organizations financially and contributes to a greener future by reducing electronic waste.

So, if you’re seeking to maximize returns and promote sustainability, consider leveraging Covenco’s IT Asset Recovery Services for a seamless and responsible asset disposal process.

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