Case Study

National Retailer Achieves Sustainable IT Asset Disposal with Covenco

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IT Asset Disposal Case Study

Covenco is proud to partner with national retailers in achieving their IT asset disposal goals. In this example, we helped a major retailer responsibly dispose of outdated equipment while ensuring data security and environmental compliance.

The Challenge

Our client, a leading national retailer with 850 stores nationwide, was migrating away from a decade-old IT platform originally supplied by Covenco. While the platform had served them well, it was time for an upgrade. However, the disposal of the old equipment presented a significant challenge.

  • Large-scale operation:
    With 850 stores, the sheer volume of equipment to be disposed of was substantial.
  • Data security:
    As a business adhering to the ISO 27001 security standard, our client required secure data destruction to prevent potential breaches.
  • Environmental responsibility:
    Following ISO 14001 environmental guidelines, the client wanted to ensure proper recycling of any recyclable materials within the equipment.
  • Careful handling:
    The decommissioned equipment was located in racks alongside critical live systems, necessitating a meticulous removal process.

Covenco’s Solution

Covenco understands the complexities of navigating a large-scale IT asset decommissioning process, especially when dealing with equipment nestled within racks containing critical live systems. Our team of highly trained engineers are experts in the safe removal of equipment. They meticulously detach and extract the designated assets, ensuring no disruption or accidental damage to the remaining operational systems. Once extracted, the equipment is carefully packaged and loaded into secure transportation vehicles designed specifically for handling electronics. This ensures the safe arrival of your retired assets at our processing facility for further processing.

Data security
We understand the importance of protecting your sensitive information. We employ industry-leading data cleansing techniques that meet the most rigorous security standards. Our data sanitisation processes are guaranteed to remove all data from storage devices, leaving them wiped clean and unusable. This eliminates any potential risk of data breaches or unauthorized access to your confidential information.

Environmental responsibility
We prioritise maximising recycling opportunities for all materials found within the decommissioned equipment. Our team meticulously sorts and separates recyclable components such as metals, plastics, and circuit boards. These materials are then responsibly channelled into certified recycling streams, minimising environmental impact and promoting a sustainable approach to IT asset disposal.

Recovering value from old equipment
In some instances, there’s potential to extract additional value from your retired equipment. Our team is adept at identifying components that can be repurposed. In this case study, our engineers recovered a pair of POWER6 E8A servers within the decommissioned equipment. These servers, while no longer suitable for their original purpose, could still be helpful as a source of spare parts.

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The Result

Covenco’s efficient and secure IT asset disposal service allowed our client to:

  • Achieve a smooth platform migration:
    After responsibly disposing of the old equipment, the client could seamlessly transition to their new IT system.
  • Maintain data security:
    Our secure data cleansing procedures ensured no sensitive information remained on the decommissioned equipment.
  • Fulfil environmental commitments:
    The responsible recycling and disposal practices adhered to ISO 14001 standards perfectly with the client’s environmental goals.
  • Maximize value:
    The identification of reusable parts provided additional value for the client.


This case study demonstrates Covenco’s expertise in handling large-scale, secure, and environmentally responsible IT asset disposal projects. We are committed to providing our clients with peace of mind throughout the entire decommissioning process.

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