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Critical Data Backup and Disaster Recovery – Nycomm

Nycomm Company Background

The Nycomm Group of companies supplies leading businesses and public sector organizations with all the latest telecom innovations. It employs almost 300 staff from offices in Manchester, Leeds, Altrincham, London, and now Bury. With 5000+ customers the Company generates in excess of £100+ million in annual turnover.

The Challenge

Nycomm’s requirement was for an offsite copy of data with the ability to recover their servers in a disaster situation.

We already had an off-site data backup solution that was substantially higher cost, we initially looked to Covenco to replace it however for business continuity, compliance and insurance purposes we needed to have more than just a backup solution. Paul Walker, IT Manager, Nycomm.

The Solution

Nycomm chose Covenco because they were able to deliver a complete end-to-end backup, offsite replication, and disaster recovery solution which incorporated our entire multi-platform estate. This comprised VMware-based virtual servers, standalone physical Windows Servers, and AIX Unix Servers running our critical ERP suite. Overall, the solution provides peace of mind that should the worst happen we can recover effectively with Covenco. This service is tested on a regular basis to ensure that we can meet our recovery objectives and ensure business continuity. Covenco’s highly professional technical team was instrumental in the design and implementation of the solution. The team continues to provide 1st line support as and when required.

What attracted us most of all is the possibility to have a single supplier solution, now we appreciate the ease of arranging DR testing and the availability as well as the assistance of Covenco’s technical resource. Paul Walker, IT Manager, Nycomm

The challenge Nycomm had was finding a solution that could accommodate their multi-platform server environment. Managing and maintaining several backup technologies is not only time-consuming but can become expensive. Covenco provided the perfect solution to meet not only the backup but also the disaster recovery requirements for Nycomm. This has provided great operational benefit for Nycomms technical team as they are now able to restore much quicker from disk locally rather than tape and spend less time managing their backups. The disaster recovery service has demonstrated that Nycomm can recover its critical IT server environment with minimal complexity at Covenco’s Recovery Centre. Gurdip Sohal, Sales Director, Covenco

The Result

Having daily backups has given us a RPO of max 48 hours however the longest lead time was always with the hardware replacement which could have been in the region of 1-2 weeks. With the DR system now in place for all our hardware, and our off-site backups also being held with Covenco our RTO is now 2 days. Paul Walker, IT Manager, Nycomm

The other benefits of the provided solutions are the regular DR testing of all Nycomm’s systems at Covenco’s site. Also, the certificates can be used as proof for insurance, and contract use as well as access to technical support for hardware & operating systems.

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